About Copy Hair

“At the best price, enjoy every moment with hair systems” 

Sabrina, a beautiful and powerful businesswoman, founded the Copy Hair in Taiwan. In the beginning, her husband was struggling with hair loss problem, so they tried various ways to bring his hair back. After trying hair growth product, visiting hair loss clinics for medication and doing transplant surgery, nothing could perfectly and quickly solve this issue except the hair replacement system. 

However, the high quality of hairpieces is usually sold at a high price. Users should continue buying hairpieces to keep their hairstyles so it will cost a lot. As a result, Sabrina started to think of helping hairpieces' users reduce the cost. Incidentally, she met a prime manufacturer of wigs. Sabrina believes that if she can cut the cost of setting up physical stores and concentrate on duplicating hairpieces from other brands, it will help users get the high quality of hairpieces at the best price. Therefore, Sabrina got started with her Copy Hair journey.

“Through our spectacular vision and meticulousness, we insist on duplicating your hair systems perfectly ”

“We have in hand the factory which produces 80% of the major hair system brands worldwide ”  

Through utilising familiar language, specialised knowledge, and rich experience as the bridge for communication, we can ensure that your wigs will be replicated precisely.

“Great sense of fashion, Patience, and Passion. We are happy to serve every client who is wearing a hair system”

No matter which brand of hairpieces you have, our extraordinary “Copy Hair” team will do our best to serve you. Not only can we duplicate your hair sample but we can also welcome you to make any changes you want such as base material, colour, hair length etc. As a result, you can place a customised order. Copy Hair ensures your product quality. Our mission is to help clients can get the highest quality hairpieces at the best price.