Pay $1 Get 1 bonus point (50 points=$1) Register to get 500 points

Pay $1 Get 1 bonus point (50 points=$1) Register to get 500 points

    • Adjust hair color

    • Refill hair length

    • Replace net front

    • Mend Net base

  • Repair example

We welcome repair orders from other wig brands. The four situations above are repairable and one price only.  

How to identify your hairpiece cannot be repaired

1. The net base is loose and not flexible 

2. There are too many torn parts on the net base

3. A torn part on the net base is too vast to fix

4. The substantial adhesive residue has been attached to the net base 

5. The net base is incomplete and there are broken parts on it

6. Huge cracking parts have shown up on the net base (PU materials)  

7. Severely tangled hair cannot be brushed

If you cannot identify whether your hairpiece can be repaired or not, please chat with our online customer service or leave a message with us. (Please attach your hairpiece’s image.)


1. Our professional staff will decide which hair materials will go well with your repairing hairpiece. The main elements for refilling hairs will be Indian hairs and Chinese hairs.

2. If the hair system, hairpiece or toupee cannot be mended due to severe damage, we have the right to cancel your repair order to avoid conflict. Nevertheless, the full refund will be received within 10 business days. (The refund excludes the shipping fee which you have paid. Copy Hair will pay the return shipping fee.)

3. Based on the different damaged condition of products, unpredictable hair loss, net base tears and wrinkled net bases, as well as mold materials getting thicker, might be caused. Your repaired units are possibly different from your original hairpieces. We cannot guarantee the repaired hairpiece lifetime and cannot promise that it will be as same as a new hairpiece.

4. Depends on our professional assessment, if hairpieces can be fixed, we will do our best to repair your units. We won’t cancel orders for no reason. Before you place a repair order, please consider it carefully.

If you have any questions, please feel free to chat with our online customer service.